Letters From A Desperate Dog

This title sounds like it belongs on the marquee at a Hollywood premiere for a new pseudo-indie romantic comedy that also has a huge component of gruesome gunplay in it.                    

*Eileen Christelow's style resembles a watercolor comic strip -- you can't help but love its feathery charm
*Our star pup, Emma, is definitely at her best when she is acting like a human    
*Her surprise adventure on stage was a welcome curveball no one could see coming  

*My biggest problem with this book is how it revolves around a sour relationship between Emma and her owner
*There are also some serious issues with verb tense as far as I'm concerned 
*The dog's emails are too long for their own good

Before I get into my final summary, let me first give credit to the author for not taking the easy route when it came to her depiction of the digital correspondence.  Most people would have the dog misspell things or substitute dog words in certain spots, but she kept it straight edge. [Unfortunately, this doesn't get her off the hook for the sheer length of them.]  So a bonus point can be awarded there.  Overall though, I just couldn't invest myself fully in the story.  Maybe it's a tad too long or my primary con above or maybe it's just a bunch of little things adding up to a slightly foul taste in my mouth.  Whatever the case may be, it's not really worth your time.                      

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