Merry Christmas, Spot!

Christmas is coming a little early this year.                    

*The shape of the book is actually what drew us to pull it off the library cart last week -- reminds me of those paper snowflakes we used to make when we were young
*Doesn't try to go the Santa route; choosing instead to show the value of good old-fashioned family togetherness during the holidays  
*Since caroling is a dying art form, I was happy to see it promoted here

*If you quantified how much my son and I liked looking at the pictures, just double that number and put a negative sign in front of it to describe the level of my reading enjoyment
*Too many images feature the Christmas presents themselves
*Definitely could have used an extra page or four (even though this would obviously prolong the time it takes to read it)

Maybe I'm not quite in the holiday spirit yet, but I wasn't a huge fan of this Eric Hill work.  The five minutes of thought it took to write it added to whatever number of hours it took to draw it mitigates the compliment I was going to pay the publisher for keeping its price so low ($7.99 - normally a steal for such a uniquely designed book).  Donate this to a day care center like the one portrayed in Toy Story 3 -- you know, the kind of place where the durability of an item is almost more important than whether it's good or not.                      

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