Pancakes For Breakfast

I was in the mood for another heaping pile of pancakes if you care to join me.  By the way, do you think today's selection has anything to do with the IHOP located down the street from my local library?

*I never would have thought a book without words (save those listed in the recipe and as signage) could do such a great job of moving the story along 
*Teaches your kids what people do when they run out of milk, eggs, and butter and there aren't any grocery stores around
*Made me sniff-laugh (you know, that thing you do when you are laughing to yourself and some audible exhalation comes out of your nostrils) more than once

*The old maid invites herself over to breakfast and looks to have also hijacked all of her neighbors' pancakes but one
*Speaking of that worded recipe, I actually think the whole thing would have come off better without that page
*She wears entirely too many head coverings given the total timespan of about two hours

First of all, let me say that it's mandatory to mention the International House of Pancakes in any review of a book about pancakes -- so don't be too hard on me for doing it here and there. OK, now to the review itself.  Before I "read" the whole thing, I fanned through it while waiting to check out.  At that point, I just assumed it was going to be a Borrow or Donate, since it had decent pictures but NO WORDS.  However, I soon realized how wrong I was.  Think about all that it has going for it:  it's the right length, tells a complete story, makes you giggle, has a twist or two, and revolves around a subject that no one can dislike.  Case closed.     

BUY / Borrow / Donate / Destroy


Vicki Stanton said...

Hear, hear. This book is pure genius and I can't believe that I got it for 20c or something when our local library was clearing out the old stuff! Makes me wonder how much librarians know. This book has gone through our 4 kids and still sits on my shelves. I can't bear to part with it. Buy, buy, buy!!!!

mysteryguy said...

Thanks for the comment and happy belated National Pancake Day!!!