My Many Colored Days

A prism of possibilities awaits...                    

*Tells your kid that each and every one of us experience a range of emotions  
*The final page shows how we are a combination of the different colors that make up these moods   
*I'm not a huge fan of different font sizes on the same page, but in a story like this it works out well enough 

*With the exception of black, the colors used for positives and negatives could have very easily been switched if Seuss had decided to write it a different way 
*Certain words disappear into the background of the artwork -- the green page is the worst offender of this
*I can sort of see why yellow and blue are repeated in the book, but would have been happier if each color was presented just once

Maybe Dr. Seuss should have stuck to writing stories that had at least one totally made-up animal muttering some completely arbitrary rhyming line.  The text itself is fairly inspiring and the "paintings" by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher are basic but beautiful.  Still, I could not really relate to what it was trying to do and, consequently, I doubt it will do much to enhance your child's understanding of the world.  So, unless you are hellbent on owning the complete works of the Springfield Scribe, this is nothing more than a Donate.                      

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