What Does A Seed Need?

How about some good old-fashioned TLC?  No?  That doesn't help seeds grow?  Hmmm, guess we'll have to do some learnin'... 

*If you're looking for a pop-up book that won't get ripped to shreds by the active hands of a toddler, this one works (except for the last sunflower) 
*I like that you can open the seed packets on the first page
*My ex-roommate would totally approve of a pig named Mo

*Liz Goulet Dubois' biggest book pro comes with some con to it -- namely, the spinning wheels that are so hard to damage are also hard to manipulate, especially for little, still coordinating fingers   
*The similarities between the pig having to wait for the seeds to grow and your child turning to a page where there is nothing to pull or pop is kind of neat; but I've found my son could totally do without it 
*Why half of the water is green will never make sense to me

Before we get down to brass tacks, can I give a shout-out to publisher Price Stern Sloan?  Most publishers would shy away from referring to themselves as a sound most commonly associated with a bathroom (PSS).  But not these guys!  OK, moving on...  So what do we have here?  We have a pretty solid pop-up that might be a tad short in length and lacking in any truly spectacular effects. Metaphallically speaking (I just made that up), it's the kind of book women could see marrying, but wouldn't get a thrill out of if thrown together for a one-night stand.  In other words, you can Buy it if you want a safe, yet joyless, marriage or Borrow it if you would rather hedge your bets.  That's what I would do at least. 

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