No Babysitters Allowed

I'm pretty sure we've all been there -- babysitter shows up and your kid tries every trick in the book to get you not to leave.  Perhaps this book will change all that... 

*Amber Stewart does a nice job balancing the before, during, and after effects of a night where a sitter is scheduled 
*Laura Rankin's rabbit world is robust and full of color replete with some intricate scene details
*Although we normally don't go the old bunny route with our people (preferring the energy of bunnies in their 20s instead), Mrs. Honeybunch handles the ill-tempered child stonewall with the aplomb you'd expect of someone possessing her years of experience

*If you really think about it, the book is less about teaching kids how to behave when a sitter comes over and more about the conclusion that your child can have still have fun and be happy when you and your spouse go out 
*Maybe my wife and I haven't reached this point in our child-rearing yet, but you'd have to pay me about a million bucks to wake my son in the middle of the night 
*Given Mommy's horrendous fashion sense and the way Daddy fills out a tux, I'm pretty sure he's getting a little tail on the side

Here we have an enjoyable story that might come in handy if your kid has had babysitters in the past and just needs some gentle reinforcement that a new nanny really won't be that bad.  If you're looking for something to use the very first time you have someone watch your child, I don't think there's enough inside to rely on.  [In fairness, such a book probably doesn't exist.]  Overall, Stewart and Rankin team up to write something you will almost assuredly like, but won't be calling all of your friends to go run out and buy. 

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