Just Like You

Feeling pretty confident about this review. 

*I don't know what these pages are made out of (seems like some sort of cardboard-papyrus composite) but they are a joy to turn 
*Speaking of tactile titillation, the covers have a magical quality as well
*What the story lacks in meat, it makes up for in warm, fuzzy feelings

*We spend the whole story seeing baby look up to parent only to have it end with an odd nod to being yourself 
*Probably one too many "when I grow ups" 
*As I already mentioned, there's nothing world-beating about the words themselves

As parents, we all have a secret, or not-so-secret, soft spot for books that focus on the loving relationship between us and our cubs.  So, as an author, Emma Dodd is playing with house money.  She'd have to really bear-crap the bed to get anything lower than a Borrow.  Miss Dodd comes close, but the combination of the book construction and the artwork saves her from blowing it.  

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