Two Dumb Ducks

The title alone screams "READ ME!!!"                    

*Pleasant to the eye, even when the ducks are covered in muck  
*The two friends stick up for each other -- a quality every child should see in action   
*Using the classic sitcom sight gag where someone who shouldn't be wearing glasses can't see properly works equally as well here 

*So much potential wasted -- I was being led down a path I was excited to be on only to be detoured abruptly to the land of WTF 
*Are the seagulls representative of bullies or just random duck haters, the story itself never makes it clear
*When they fall asleep there are no cattails to be seen, but when they awaken in the same spot, all of a sudden the plants are there

Maxwell Eaton III's publisher (Knopf Books) tells us on the back cover that this is, in fact, a "clever anti-bullying book."  As you can see from my comments above, this was not made clear in the story itself.  Some easy tweaking could have been done to (1) make it crystal clear that the seagulls were true bullies and (2) have the ducks intentionally thwart their tormentors.  Had this been done, I imagine I would have liked the effort.  But in its present form I can't help but rate it a Donate.                      

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