A Good Night Walk

We've been on a nice little ratings stroll the last few days, haven't we?  Will this story be able to keep up? 

*There's just something neat about the way the story progresses down the street and home again in snapshot form  
*Elisha Cooper is quite gifted with watercolors and a brush, and his (!) attention to artistic detail, particularly light and shadow, augments the effect discussed in pro #1
*Even the text on the copyright page looks cool (it's squeezed together to look like a house) 

*While the homage to everyday life is endearing, I'd be remiss to point out that A Good Night Walk is really just a collection of verbal descriptions of the visual scenes (great books are usually driven by the words themselves) 
*I was confused by the next door neighbor's plot of land -- judging by the mailbox addresses on the street, it appears she has a high-end shed on her property (good for her), but the size of that secondary structure throws off the panoramic cadence early on 
*Unless that basketball was stuck in the tree and then taken down minutes later, I can't seem to find anyone in the vicinity who would have launched it twelve feet into the air

The back-and-forth progression of this book makes it an excellent bedtime companion, much the way a hypnotist can wave a pocket watch in front of your face to lull you into a peaceful trance.  This trait alone makes it an invaluable addition to your literary repertoire.  But once you get past this sentiment and the beautiful pictures the book contains, it's nothing more than an average story about what happens on any block in Borrowville.  I hope the author understands how he led me down this path...    

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