Pajamas Anytime

Please note: a cotton or fleece dress code will be strictly enforced for the duration of this review... 

*Teaches the months of the year and one major fact about each without feeling like a calendar book  
*I must admit I wasn't a huge fan of the artistic style, but I have to credit illustrator Hiroe Nakata for cramming each picture full of things to look at
*Putting the moon in a button-down top looks good and is consistent with the overall story 

*Why the too-often repeated pajama song ends with the word "mine-o" I'll never know-o -- it's not for rhyming reasons and it definitely isn't for fun reasons either 
*Most of the phrasing Marsha Hayles uses seems unnecessarily clunky to me, so much so that it would be a tough book to memorize even if you read it every day (not that I am suggesting you to do so) 
*Nakata refused to submit a childhood sleepwear picture of herself (something the author did) even though she claims to design pajamas as an adult -- this is a real head-scratcher

I might have mentioned it in an earlier post, but for the past month my son has been requesting to wear pajamas and rain boots whenever we go outside in the early morning.  Since this outfit is only appropriate for people his age and the occasional underwhelming undergrad, I am super jealous that I can't join in his sartorial splendor.  How do I cope?  I postulated that a book about pajamas might just be the outlet I needed to get past this stage.  Either my theory was wrong or this wasn't the book to do it.  [Probably both.]  Pajamas Anytime reminds me of that pair of plaid gray bottoms I'll wear whenever everything else is dirty but would never put on to take out the trash.  Gotta look good for the neighbors, yo!    

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