Let's Count Goats!

Why the heck not?!  Let's do it! 

*Jan Thomas' goats are just so darned cute, I could eat them up 
*Speaking of eating things up, it's pretty funny how Thomas and Mem Fox have about half the goats eating stuff incessantly -- roughly proportional to the amount of time goats spend eating things in real life
*Having the city goat go for a run in a business suit and toting a briefcase made me giggle 

*The first time I went through the book, I had no idea whether I was actually supposed to be keeping track of all the goats to come up with a sum total by the final page 
*The "can we count" goat examples were a little strange to me 
*The goats in the boat might actually be afraid of thunder, but your kid might start confusing lighting with its audible partner in crime given the way the page is drawn

If you're looking for something that is a feast for the eyes and keeps things light and humorous while still being educational, this is a definite winner.  My big issue with it (and the reason why it's not getting a Buy) is that you would assume actual numbers would be involved after scanning the title.  Alas, there is no mention of one, two, three, et al, so I feel obligated to call it a Borrow.  Still, I really liked the overall tone of the LCG, so let's call it a long-term Borrow.    

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