Mangia! Mangia!

Today's special is a tasty Italian treat.  

*Amy Wilson Sanger does some really cool stuff with paper to make it look like the dishes she is describing 
*Thirty plus years of eating pasta dishes didn't teach me half as much as this book did
*Let's face it -- Italian food words are plain fun to say, especially when you are trying to sound like a native Sicilian

*I appreciated the inclusion of an index on the back, but thought it might have been better to find a way to define each word on the page it was used on
*You better be fully committed to reading about food if you order this item off the menu of literary titles
*If you happen to be buying sauce with your kids in the supermarket, they might force you to get a Ragu branded product because the Italian word for generic meat sauce finds its way in here

No part of me thought I was sampling a surefire winner when I grabbed this out of the library bin earlier this week.  But much like the frozen lasagnas I don't have to think twice about putting in my freezer, I have found Mangia! Mangia! to be a quick, easy, and satisfying addition to my weekly lineup.  Buy it and cook it up the next time you don't want to spend a whole lot of time thinking about what to do next.

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