Ping Pong Pig

How much cooler would this book have been if it was really about a ping pong playing pig?! 

*The way Ping Pong makes up for his transgressions while still doing what he loves is a great example for kids and hopefully will inspire them to do the same when faced with chores they'd rather avoid 
*Has all the elements you would expect a children's book to have, although none of them are quite that memorable
*The pig's comment about the fish flying is mildly enjoyable 

*While I'm all for adding a twist to the end of any kid book, author Caroline Jayne Church would have been better off just ending it with the pig doing the right thing 
*Sure it makes sense why the pig is named Ping Pong (he bounces around like a maniac), but by the end I was sick of saying his name 
*I'm sorry, but there's just no way those animals had the skills or materials laying around the farm to construct a trampoline

I am about irreverence in life and in books.  It helps break up the monotonous hum that surrounds our otherwise week-to-week routine.  So, it pains me to have to give this book a Donate for not sticking to a more formulaic approach.  But, I really think Ping Pong would have been better served emphasizing the key lesson rather than sneaking in one more gag.  And, the whole "when pigs fly" joke that it indirectly teases is heavy-handed in its execution.  Regardless, it still wouldn't have been my favorite even if we ignored this sentiment, so I'm pretty confident with this decision.    

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