Happy Birthday, Moon

I wonder if the moon celebrates its birthday once every 365.25 days (solar revolution) or once every 28 (terrestial).  Remind me to ask that lunar lothario when it pops in the sky later tonight. 

*Couldn't be sweeter, especially if you're talking about it with anyone of the fairer sex 
*The whole idea of the moon shifting in the nighttime sky to the point that it sits perfectly beneath a top hat in a tree was tre(e)mendous
*Speaking of perspective, the demonstration of differences in elevation and your relative position to the heavens was nice as well 

*Do do you you hate hate when when I I repeat repeat every every word word -- then you are gonna loathe the echoing sentences in this book 
*Author Frank Asch sacrifices the opportunity for Bear to learn in order to keep the whole adorable motif going 
*Unless that top hat weighs roughly the same as a gum wrapper, there's no way it's catching a breeze that lifts it well above a large body of water

Hey Frank, let me Asch you a question.  Is this a book people should be spending their hard earned money on?  Probably not. It's cute and all, but is it in any way even a short-term keeper?  I don't think so.  America: if you happen to come across Happy Birthday, Moon, read it once and be done with it...    

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