Grab your CDL license and hop on up here... 

*These might be the most legit textures I have ever run my fingers across in a children's book 
*Contains twelve truly diverse trucks spread across various industries (in other words, it's not just a glossary of construction vehicles)
*As someone who had the (dis)pleasure of managing a reefer truck for an entire summer, I was super stoked to see a picture of one included so that I could tell my son I've actually driven something that he thinks is cool 

*My boy asked me to read it to him, which was hard since it only lists the name of the machine and a sound it might make 
*While the pickup truck image is not inaccurate, it definitely refers to the less commonly seen version of the everyday term 
*I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the first snapshot being of a generic truck -- I can see both sides of the argument, but I tend to lean towards thinking specificity would have been the way to go here

So here's the deal.  I'm unfairly knocking a book designed for infants because it does not contain more words per page. However, I would contend that concepts as complex as road sweepers and fuel tankers are a little more advanced than the average kid under two might grasp.  And while they will absolutely love the intricate detail put into this production by DK Publishing, it loses a few points for the narrow band of time you can maximize its use.  I honestly couldn't tell you what age Trucks would be perfect for, but I can guarantee that if you check it out from the library a few times during the first few years of your son or daughter's life, you'll all eventually be saying "Truck Yeah!"    

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Alton Tomaselli said...

Is that a book for toddlers? It's nice! It looks so simple, yet it's loaded with facts about trucks. This could help children learn more about vehicles, particularly trucks.