What's Wrong With My Hair?

Time to take a little off the top.                     

*You and your kid can stick your heads through the holes in the covers and participate in some good old fashioned feline role play  
*One skill Satoshi Kitamura does not lack is attention to detail -- if anything he over-concerns himself with the tertiary action on each page   
*The tagline on the front cover (paraphrasing: buy the hole, get the book free) is pure genius 

*Kitamura comes up with inventive hairstyles for Lionel, no doubt, but calling this a storybook would be giving it too much credit
*I alluded to this earlier, but the speech bubbles of the bit characters, while somewhat humorous, were a big distraction to me 
*Dandelion hair (ha, he's a lion, yeah we get it) was a poor choice to lead off with in my estimation -- maybe a few more words on that page would have helped flesh out the path the author is taking you down 

My wife might have a bone to pick with me after this review.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she enjoys reading this book.  If my hunch is correct, you'll probably see at least one stinging comment below.  But that's the beauty of free speech -- we're all entitled to our opinions. And my opinion of WWWMH is that it's reminiscent of a trip to the salon/barber where the stylist asks you how you like your cut, you say something like "It's great, thanks!" and then realize about two seconds after you leave how unhappy you are with it.  Donate this thing like a Lock of Love...                      

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