Freight Train Trip

Can this train stay on the tracks all the way to Buyville? 

*Has a high level of re-readability that can be attributed to the excellent writing, some well-timed train sounds, and flap images that are expertly designed to manipulate the action on each page 
*The book is shaped like a locomotive -- can I get a choo choo from the congregation
*Good representation of ages and ethnic backgrounds with a few animal appearances mixed in to boot 

*A lot of the flaps are really tough to locate on the page (even after multiple readings) and some of those are also difficult to pull open 
*The crossing gate rhyme tries to sneak an extra word in there that throws off the otherwise solid cadence of the book 
*It's a minor gripe, but I think if you are going to mention directions on a compass, you should have the train move in the commonly associated directions (ie- a train moving west should go right to left and not the reverse)

Susanna Leornard Hill teams up with Ana Martin Larranaga to put together a very good lift-the-flap adventure.  Both my son and I enjoy reading it -- the illustration is pretty decent too (although pales in comparison to the rhyming).  I was a little worried about the unnecessary drama surrounding the near collision between two trains, but my guess is that most parents wouldn't be that bothered by it. Still, combining this issue with the flap usability snafu makes me hesitant to rate it a Buy.    

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