Diggers And Dumpers

Am I boring you guys with all of the truck books I've been reviewing this year?  If so, let me know in the comments section and I'll cease and desist. 

*I can't remember the last time I reviewed something under $4  
*One of the better covers you are gonna find (see image below)
*Despite the unorthodox shape of the book, DK Publishing does a wonderful job of cramming a bunch of pictures and text in there 

*If you are looking for a story, you won't find one -- it's more of a construction vehicle glossary 
*The dump truck page is misleading, since it claims that the back of the truck moves up to empty the load (I know what they were trying to say, but I'm going to always split hairs when a situation arises that might confuse my son) 
*I like the first two pages the most, but am gonna have to dock a few points for the stray bulldozer finding its way onto the excavator side

Before I dig deeper into my review, I want to be sure that you don't think I'm dumping on this book with my first con.  By now, I totally know what to expect from a board book, especially one that is priced at such a value.  I merely wanted to make it clear to parents exactly what they are getting from Diggers and Dumpers.  The other two cons are relatively minor infractions that don't affect my overall rating.  So, when you put it all together, how could it be anything but a Buy?  It's in no way memorable; but for $3.99, I'm adding it to my collection!      

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