Five Silly Monkeys

This silly monkey decided to take a week off from blogging to visit his family in California.  Now I'm back... 

*One of the easiest stories in the history of man to remember -- this'll come in handy next time you are stuck in traffic without anything tangible to occupy your kid  
*If you happen to have an amateur daredevil living under your roof, perhaps FSM will limit your health care expenses
*Steve Haskamp's illustrations are nice enough, but the real visual selling point comes from popping 3D monkey heads through carefully selected holes in the pages 

*If Haskamp was going to chop down Eight Silly Monkeys to make some extra scratch, the least he could have done was remove the extra monkeys from the background (try explaining those three additional monitos to someone learning to count) 
*I've seen other versions of this story where the monkeys are at least goofing around on various pieces of furniture before falling off, as opposed to focusing all of the action on the same bed 
*Drawing an assortment of arm and leg injuries doesn't mesh well with the idea that all of the animals landed on their heads

I'm going to reach for the low-hanging banana on this rating.  The way I see it, you could ignore everything I wrote after that first pro since it's pretty clear that you don't need to possess this book in order to get the point across.  That said, there's no way it's a Destroy because the text itself will always be a handy tool to keep in your back pocket. One final thought:  we also own another publisher's edition that has ten monkeys (plus bubble pop action in place of the 3D monkey heads), and after reading that cover to cover I can guarantee you that less is more when it comes to chimps in the bedroom.    

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