It's A Book

You don't say!! 

*Lane Smith's funny writing style distracts kids from the main point she is trying to drive home, namely that reading can be just as fun as any of the million other things out there requiring the latest technology  
*I don't think I have read a more "in touch with the times" book yet -- it even mentions Twitter for heavens sake
*I absolutely love how she has the clueless donkey boil down the climax of a pirate story into about twenty characters of chatspeak (LOL-type stuff) 

*As fun as it is on read-through number one, there's no recreating that magic again 
*I'm all for a good jackass joke (heck, I even own the costume to back it up), but do you really want your son or daughter breaking out that insulting gem at the next school or playgroup function 
*There's no way the monkey is going to sit there patiently for like four hours while the donkey thumbs through his book

In the immortal words of Sade, it's never as good as the first time.  If ever there was a one-day Borrow, this would be it.  It's a Book would make for a great library circle time choice -- mainly because the monkey and jackass wouldn't follow you home or ask for your phone number.  Much like a torrid one-night stand (and yet, at the same time, nothing like one), you are better off preserving the pleasure you get from a single experience than you are ruining it all by attempting an awkward second encounter.    

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