Not the most wise choice for a book title in the Internet Search Era... 

*Gives your child two negative concepts to mull over -- extreme materialistic tendencies and blindly following the masses  
*The hero, Otis, teaches through his actions how to do the right thing without being patronizing
*Some of the store signs advertising the "nothing" they had for sale were pretty funny 

*It's actually a well written book, but I never seem to jump for joy when my son asks me to grab it  
*If Suzie truly was willing to buy everything in Otis' store at the end, why was he left with a clock, a cash register, a broom and some trash on the floor 
*Naming a fat man Tubby Portabello probably wasn't necessary

There are a pair of reasons why I wish I could find it in my heart to award Nothing a Buy.  Most importantly, my son cannot get enough of it.  For a two year old to have memorized pretty much every word in a book written for older kids, must mean he's really drawn to the story.  Second, having Jon Agee's work listed on my Buy These Books page would give him a slightly better chance of making a sale using Google or Bing.  [Just try locating it without using the author's name.]  Alas, I just can't bring myself to put the full weight of my blog behind Nothing.  Besides, what would people say if they heard that Kid Book Ratings recommends that your kid reads nothing?!    

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