W Is For Wombat

And M is for "Most random title you will see this week." 

*Crammed with enough uncommon species to give your kid a huge head start on a zoology career  
*I thought I knew all of the crustaceans until I learned about the yabby -- looks delicious
*Did you know there's an animal called the quokka -- I am so using that in Words With Friends the next time I get stuck with a q and two k's 

*Bronwyn Bancroft's tribal art is pretty cool, but the scheme throws off your visual perception on certain items (like the river and the platypus) 
*Would have chosen a different animal for the letter 'n' -- having a wombat and a numbat just pages apart doesn't seem right 
*I'm confused why Bancroft used black and white for the magpies and cockatoos while everything else is multicolored

OK, so it's a stretch labeling this a bilingual book.  But, I mean, c'mon, half of the things depicted in here might as well be from another planet for everyone who doesn't live between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  And that's what makes it a Borrow for us Americans.  If we lived in Australia, it would most certainly be a Buy.  Still, W is for Wombat is guaranteed to be unlike any other alphabet book you see, and that alone will help break up the monotony of running from A thru Z.    

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Monica said...


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It won't be released until about end of Dec/early January. But would be happy to mail you a copy.

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