Who's Your Daddy?

Completely untrue fact:  the original working title, Scream My Name, Now Bark Like A Dog, was scrapped by the publisher mere minutes before this children's book went to print! 

*In what might be my most obvious pro ever, I would like to point out that this is a nice bonding tool for papas and their pups  
*By placing the flap attachments in different spots on each page, it makes the book last that much longer and builds the anticipation of what could be underneath
*Totally refreshed my memory about the whole male seahorse pregnancy thing, and, since it is the last item in the story, gives you an interesting topic to discuss with your kid afterwards 

*Just spitballing here, but I'm not sure the title phrase should be so freely bandied about around impressionable youths 
*While the various flap angles are nice, the flaps themselves are a bit annoying to lift 
*What does illustrator Rick Peterson have against lower right-hand corners -- none of the daddies are positioned there

To be honest, I checked this book out of the library with the preconception, based solely on the title, that it was going to receive a negative review.  I mean, seriously, what was Diane Muldrow thinking when she named it this?  Who knows, maybe she's as crazy as the red foxes included inside and realized that sex(ual innuendo) sells.  Or maybe her mind is as primitive as the marmosets we see on the page preceding those foxes and the whole "Who's Your Daddy?" common parlance went completely over her head.  My guess is the former, since her primary source of income comes from being an editor at Random House.  Regardless, Peterson's art and Muldrow's text are all pretty good and might be worthy of a weak Buy.  However, I am going to have to go with a Borrow rating here since the book falsely claims to have "big, sturdy flaps."  [Seems like a stretch given the book's flap lifting difficulties not to mention the rips and crinkles I can see in the copy I am currently holding.]      

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