I Like Fruit

I also like brisk walks on the beach, in case you were wondering. 

*Aesthetically speaking, this thing looks like a winner from cover to cover  
*I can only dream of having the right-brain talents that allowed Lorena Siminovich to be the cottage industry that she is today
*Roughly the size, shape, and weight you would want to see from a board book

*Touching the fruit didn't really whet my son's appetite, which kind of defeats the purpose of a "touch-and-feel" book 
*The last page (blue and purple) breaks the format used throughout the rest of the book -- would it have broken the bank for Candlewick Press to separate the conclusion from the individual spectrum demonstrations 
*Not all pears are yellow, not all grapes are green; using the same fruit twice would have been a cool thing to do here

The compartmentalizer in me appreciates the author's decision to put some borders around the normally limitless world of color books.  By picking fruit as the subject matter, she not only gives us a defined category but also one that is relevant to day-to-day life. All that said, I Like Fruit has enough visible bruises that no one would balk if you chose another item from the bin.  Still, for a board book focused on colors, it's pretty good.

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