Let's Get Ready For Christmas

All of the negative things about Christmas, accidentally condensed into one handy hardcover edition.                     

*Santa-less books are tougher to come by this time of year; so if you want a staid, bare bones description of the holiday in question, this falls in that category    
*Baby Jesus sighting -- check
*True, the table of contents accurately details what page numbers things will happen on -- but it's totally unnecessary

*Let's see:  the text, pictures, and message are worse than a regurgitated lump of coal in your stocking -- think that pretty much covers it 
*Bah humbug for including an unaffiliated followup website that is full of banner ads (couldn't the publisher resist trying to capitalize on our little ones)
*Is the family setting up the Christmas tree on December 25th (no one does that, right?) or do they just happen to all wear the same clothes every day of the year

It is so obvious that Joanne Winne could care less about creating something unique and fun to inspire kids.  This former teacher of nine years (seriously, that's the extent of her bio other than where she lived in 2001) is not trying to win Newberrys; she's trying to get paid.  How else can you explain her entire catalog being dedicated to similarly titled series of books about holidays, colors, geography, and professions?  She's more commercialized than Christmas, if that's possible.  My guess is that I would Destroy every single book of hers that might come in front of me, but today we're just focusing on this one.  Picture the worst gift you have ever gotten.  Now recall the emotions surrounding the moment after the wrapping paper was removed, then double it.  Thankfully, my library has a generous return policy...                    

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Unknown said...

Dear Erik,

How about "recycle" instead of "destroy"?

The first book I ever wanted to recycle was one of my own. A reader had returned it to me due to a devilish mini book being bound into it. I did not destroy the "pod" book because it is evidence of what I'm told simply can not happen.

The books I offer already stretch a few rules. One example is to have an unusual alternate cover for the first edition. This alone has caused quite a stir.

Hop over and see what you think: www.SantasSongbird.com

I would be delighted to hear from you.

D. S. Jackson