Get ready for Dorothea DePrisco's oinker of a book. 

*Dominating each page with an enormous colorful farm creature really catches the eye when it is done right  
*My son has asked me to read this to him against my wishes so that he can interact with the tactile elements
*It's over quickly

*You know you have a crappy flap book when the pages can easily bend over to the other side, thereby creating some freaky situations where chickens have their heads in a sheep's butt 
*Phrasing like "Cluck-a-boo" and "Baa-a-boo" is not cute, it's just lame 
*The closing quatrain is too wordy-a-boo for my taste

What is it with these bound variations on peekaboo?  Do they stink because the theme is already severely limited before the author puts pen to paper?  Or do they wallow in the mud of my ratings system due to an inherent disadvantage when compared to the other, more original, works?  I guess since both ideas are linked, the real answer would be the causal relationship of author laziness in the crowded world of children's books.  OK, I think I just confused myself, so let's move on.  Thanks
to Treesha Runnells' stimulating artwork, I don't have the heart to turn this pig of a story into bacon.  Donate.    

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