Red And Green Rojo And Verde

Can a book be bilingual if it doesn't actually contain any words inside the covers? 

*If you've ever wanted a "story" that requires absolutely zero effort on your part, then hand your kid this  
*The pictures are of a high enough quality to give Jill Hartley a slight pardon for bailing on the whole "tell us what we're looking at" norm
*I'm sure it instills a certain amount of pride in parents of Mexican heritage to offer their children this item 

*How come the author/publisher felt the need to pen an explanation of this wordless wonder on websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, yet they failed to include anything on the pages of the book itself 
*Neither I nor anyone on the Internet knows the proper way to reference the title 
*Rojo is written in green on the spine (which, to be fair, is red and, thus, would make it tough to see red on red -- but still)

For a book under fiver years old to be untraceable on a publisher's 
fairly extensive website must mean something, right?  I was pretty close to Destroying the thing, but couldn't pull the trigger.  You know, it's funny, RGRV's saving grace was the very thing I originally thought I would torch it for -- since it is sin palabras (without words) there's nothing for me to really get too worked up about.  Should you do anything but Donate Rojo and Verde?  Nojo!!    

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