Sounds Funny!

Let's see-a if this onomatopoeia is for me-a. 

*Kevin Somers delivers a series of comic strips that makes me question why more kid books don't utilize this style, considering it has worked for decades in the newspaper world  
*The majority of the words contained within are truly fun sounds to say, although it might be a stretch to call them funny
*SF! is at its best when it illustrates noises related to human-initiated cause and effect (like flipping a switch or popping a bubble)

*I don't think it would have been too hard to weave all of the scenes into a cohesive story instead of treating them as isolated incidents 
*Can you really hear a fish execute a 180 degree turn underwater 
*Does a pear really explode when it falls from a bowl that stands about three inches above the counter

Something tells me that Mr. Somers won't find anything I'm about to say funny.  However, he should know that life isn't always a bowl of pears...  While his sketches are quite good, the overall vibe is more plop than vroom.  As board books go it is okay, but nothing worth going out of your way.  Zoinks.

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