Silly Suzy Goose

Silly indeed. 

*The primary theme is solid -- being unique within the confines of regular society offers the best of both worlds  
*Petr Horacek does not demonstrate world-class illustration skills, but his pictures are more than passable for the subject matter
*Rroarrrhonk is pure fun to say

*Unless this goose lives in a fenceless zoo, there's no explanation why she's able to traverse across several continents to see all of the animals she wishes to be 
*I know I'm petty, but I did not like the flip to a landscape layout for the giraffe page 
*The beak coloring on one of the geese is not consistent with the rest of the book (his yellowish-orange mouth is not found anywhere else)

When I was in middle school, we spent eleven months living in Connecticut.  The house we called home had an enormous backyard that was adjacent to a pond.  This pond attracted roughly a million Canadian geese per day.  As someone who had resided in New York City until that year, this was a really cute phenomenon at first.  Then my dad told me to go mow the lawn.  Have you ever seen what happens when the blades of a riding mower rip through a ton of goose poop?  Kinda makes you lose your love for all birds real fast.  While Silly Suzy Goose is not as bad as a minefield of shredded goose droppings, it's definitely not as cute as a gaggle of (silent) geese

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