Penguins ABC

It's not a holiday book, but I'll bet you it's got more ice and snow than any Santa story you can squeeze into a stocking. 

*Kevin Schafer should be applauded for finding 26 fun and exciting words that apply specifically to flightless birds of the South Pole  
*If you've ever seen the movie Surf's Up and wondered if penguins can really have bleach blonde hair, the answer is yes (I so want to adopt a Macaroni Penguin)
*Kicks the whole thing off flawlessly by setting the scene in Antarctica 

*I didn't love the percentage of letters devoted to the various penguin species, but this feeling was effectively subdued when I considered how this might be the one alphabet book that provides mastery of a particular topic 
*That said, it can be difficult to recognize the differences between some of these species off of a solitary picture 
*We all know how hard it is to successfully navigate the letter 'X', but the word 'explode' definitely starts with an 'E' (a simple fix would have been to capitalize the 'X' while leaving the 'E' in lowercase)

Most of you probably haven't pored over the sheer number of alphabet books that I have, for good reason.  Once you own three or four of them, you probably let your friends and relatives know to avoid this category going forward.  I mean how many pictures of apples and zebras can you look at before you want to check yourself into a mental ward?  Most of the time, I would like to follow suit and concentrate on anything else but my son's 'A' through 'Z's.  However, my dedication to this blog forces me to check one out every now and then.  Books like Penguins ABC make it all worth the effort.  It's a keeper.

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