2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge AND Liebster Blog Award

I've been waiting far too long to take my blog to the next level, so I figured this month would be different.  

First I tried to do a prize giveaway.  It went OK.  Probably need to rethink how I am going to advertise it next time without turning KBR into one of those annoying prize giveaway clearinghouse sites that I stare at for about 5 seconds before my eyes feel like they are gonna explode...  

Today I'm doubling down.  

Step one:  I am going to finally break down and do one of the many challenges out there created to further strengthen the bond between like-minded individuals.  The one I found to be most in line with what I am trying to do here is the 2012 Picture Book Reading Challenge.  Let's see how it goes.    

Step two:  With that in the works, I can turn my attention to passing on the wonderful award given to me by my buddy Ali B. over at Literary Lunchbox.  It's called the Liebster and according to Ali "The idea behind the Liebster is for honorees to "pay it forward" by acknowledging the award, the blogger who gave it to you, and passing the award on to five blogs you deem worthy of of receiving distinction.  Only blogs with less than 200 followers are eligible for this award in hopes of generating more traffic to their site."  Sounds reasonable enough.  Mainly I am doing this to thank her for being my favorite commenter in the galaxy.  [Of course, this distinction is always up for grabs, but she has got a commanding lead!]  She also happens to be a great blogger worth a serious bookmark.  And it doesn't hurt that we must share some mental connection since I just noticed that she is participating in the same challenge I described in Step #1!

Here are five other blogs you might want to take a peek at...

Finally, this award requires me to tell you five things about myself.  Yikes!  Here goes:

  1. We are 95% finished with a construction project that, when it's done, will have taken 14 months.  All that time for 150 square feet.  At least I went with the lowest bidder!     
  2. I care about my cats more than almost any guy in the world.  [Ali - they would like you!]
  3. I am a sadomasochistic professional sports fan.  You try liking the following teams: Lions, Warriors, Nationals, Capitals/Sharks.
  4. I love my son enough not to force these championship-free organizations on him. Well, except for the Nationals.  
  5. I have been a mascot for one of the above teams for five years.  Wanna fathom a guess?!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


mysteryguy said...

In case you were wondering, I do not share every belief with the people I recommended for this award. I just like their writing style. Here's to open dialogue making our country a better place...

Alysa said...

I'm game for being BFF! I've linked to kid book ratings in the sidebar of my book blog: http://everead.blogspot.com I'd love it if you returned the favor!

Teasha Seitz said...

I want to guess the Nationals. Although, I don't know what their mascot is so I can't picture it. Sorry, I'm just not a sports fan.

I like how the comments don't show unless you click on them. I'm going to have to borrow the ideal for my web-site that is under construction.
Thanks for the links.

Lisa said...

Thank you