I Love Trains!

Do you? 

*After reading a bunch of meandering books in a row, it felt good to get back to something with a nice and easy storyline that included some good rhymes  
*Walked away not knowing if the boy really saw the train out his window or if it was all in his imagination -- in a good way
*Shari Halpern's artwork is more local than express, but that doesn't matter since it's perfectly matched with Philemon Sturges' writing pace

*There's really nothing wrong with ILT! (as evidenced by how weak my other two cons are), but it lacks the gravitas I would need to make it a Buy 
*It's cute how dad and son are dressed almost identically, but it definitely threw me off for a page 
*The images on the train cars on his table don't mirror the one's on the big train exactly (not a huge thing, but could have been easily remedied)

I like I Love Trains!  But I do not love I Love Trains!  [What I wouldn't give to get rid of those exclamation points right now!  Goshdarnit, there's another one.]  As I said earlier, Sturges and Halpern turned in an unspectacularly flawless effort.  So it's no shock that I'm giving it a Borrow. Book a short ride on this train next time you hit your local library..

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Wheel Alignment Equipment said...

That was some awesome trains you got there.
I loved the toy ones past back my childhood.