The Bored Book

It's no surprise that something with this title would screw the pooch royally.                     

*Doug Keith's illustrations prove that he is skilled at drawing epic scenes despite the fact that they are extremely misplaced in a children's picture book 
*Idea Man Michael Slater's humane decision not to include text (outside of the words on the spines of some literary classics) ended the misery as quickly as possible
*Reminded me a little bit of Jumanji, which was a decent movie (and probably one that Slater saw roughly 24 hours before he "penned" this P.O.S.)     

*If the disclaimer on the inside jacket doesn't scare you away ("That is, if they survive it!"), the numerous images of two preteens almost perishing should do the trick  
*I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that Keith's characters (including the kids) will probably be giving me nightmares for weeks to come
*Outside of someone you'd see on Dateline NBC, what kind of grandfather actively encourages his progeny to risk their lives just to stop them from disturbing his reading time

I'll tell you one thing: this book was anything but boring.  [The title refers to the characters state of mind as the story unfolds.]  Consequently, I did not immediately think I would be Destroying it right now.  I mean it's got action, mentions some of the most famous adventure stories in human history, and even closes by demonstrating the grandchildren enjoying the consumption of these novels.  Doesn't matter.  This thing freaked me the f' out!  Just imagine what it did to my kid. One could argue that it had to be drawn this way to get the danger across.  Great point.  Here's another one.  I don't care.  I hate this book.  Damn you Michael Slater, and damn you Netflix, or whatever video streaming service inspired you to write this.                    

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