Everything Goes: On Land

Except for the Chevy Nova.  Ya feel me Mexico?! 

*The whole thing has a bit of a Where's Waldo? flair to it, but instead of looking for one guy in a striped shirt, it makes you want to soak up every tiny detail on each page  
*The handful of vehicle cross-section pages are not only informative but also serve as excellent palate-cleansers between subsets of modes of transport
*Things the jacket designer did that would often go unnoticed stood out to me on this effort -- so kudos to you Dana Fritts for being the first jacket designer to receive a mention on KBR 

*Even with all of the distractions provided by Brian Biggs' drawings, there's just no hiding the fact that the text is kind of stale outside of the funny one-liners from bit players 
*How is there no real mention of traffic (maybe I missed it) in a city with roughly four pixels of open road 
*Worst limo ever -- I thought it was a poorly drawn hearse at first, and then when I saw the label I tried to readjust but just couldn't

llustrator Biggs became an author when he created this title in 2011, his first attempt at doing everything on his own.  And while he still has a ways to go on the writing side, the sum total of all his talents is well worth a purchase in this case.  There's just so much to look at, I have to say that this might be the first time I did not accuse a back cover of puffery for claiming that the book would provide "hours of fun."  With all of that fun plus a fair amount of learning crammed in to boot, I feel okay elevating what could be seen as a Borrow to Buy status.  Moms of the world, take note:  my wife disagrees with my assessment of this book, since she can't get past EGOL's struggle with readability.  Since we have a bit of split decision here (although I have the tie-breaking vote), I'll put a caveat on my recommendation and ask that you only Buy it in person, and not online, so that you can make sure it's something you deem worthy of the $15 expenditure!    

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Kathy Radigan said...

What a fun site! As the mom of two boys and a daughter, I can say the one thing I found, especially with the boys was that anything with the word "Goes" and pictures of cars was usually worth a look. Since my youngest is 6 this book looks a little to young for my guys, but I would totally check it out for my two nephews, 1 & 3. Thanks for the tip! Great to find you on voiceBoks. I look forward to reading more reviews! Thanks!