One Pup's Up

This One's got more bark than bite... 

*On a macro level, Marsha Wilson Chall followed the tried-and-true number book template by counting from one to ten and back to zero (tiny bonus points for going that extra step), then improved upon it by closing the story with a fun return to one  
*Henry Cole's illustrations did not have a high degree of difficulty, but were big and colorful enough to be viewed as a plus
*Works in the concepts of "all" and "none" -- a tasty learning treat for your kids

*Despite incorporating numerous exciting words, ranging from nudge to huddle to jumble and beyond, the overall delivery pales in comparison to other books in this category 
*Occasionally gets tripped up by its flowery language -- the worst offender has to be the first six puppy page, where words like piddle and muddle leave parent and child alike feeling as confused as the half-dozen dogs pictured 
*While the pups don't look malnourished by any means, I would not have described them as a pudgy litter either

They say every dog has it's day, but I'm not entirely sure that's true in this case.  [I suppose getting published would have to qualify for the writing team.]  As evidenced by my first pro, OPU's canines exhibit some new tricks, but it's only slightly worth your time to have the scrappy little mutts teach them to you. Sorry, but it's dog-eat-dog in the picture world.  My suggestion is to let these sleeping dogs lie in someone else's book bin

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