Good Morning Toucan

Dwell Studio should just stick to home furnishings or whatever it is they consider their bread and butter.  I mean why would they waste their time on $9 books when they make $250 on a frigging piece of wood!                     

*If you are a dyed in the wool yuppie who only buys trendy things for your home and who also views your child as a blank canvas for accessorizing, then this should be right up your alley 
*Much like the morning sun when it hits the perfect angle coming through your window, the vibrant colors in here will definitely open your eyes
*The official web URL for GMT makes it abundantly clear that it is only five spreads long, so at least they're upfront about it     

*Three pages with things under tree-flaps -- where's a rock flap or a grass flap when you need one  
*Would have had more respect for it if Dwell did not try to play the PC-look-how-cool-we-are rainforest card since I'm pretty sure it's just a book about animals in nature
*The colors might be bright, but the animals are only okay

How many catalogs do you get per week at your house?  Five?  Ten?  I'd say we average about ten at KBR Manor.  Now let's pretend that I asked you send me this book by affixing to the back cover a USPS sticker stamp with the correct postage.  There's a good chance I would just toss it if it got lumped in between the CB2 and Restoration Hardware catalogs -- I'm not joking.  No other way to say it really:  Good Morning Toucan feels like a children's book that was written by an interior designer.  That is not what I am looking for in the least.                    

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