I think I could scribble something down on a napkin that would be better than this.                     

*Pink and yellow are a pleasing combination of colors you don't see every day that gave each page a lot of energy -- too bad the story sapped every ounce of it away 
*However misplaced it might have been, you've gotta give the author points for creativity and originality
*I did like how Scribble the cat turned the thicket into a ball of yarn     

*My wife and I cannot stop talking about how unnecessary and irritating the quarreling sister dynamic was  
*Adding fuel to our fire was Lucie's bratty behavior even after Emma left the picture
*So was the princess awakened from her century-long slumber before Scribble came along or not -- attention to detail is not Deborah Freedman's strong suit, at least in this instance

A love story about a cat and a human.  Sounds like a juvenile introduction to bestiality to me.  Too much? Probably, but even if I am 98% in the wrong, that's still more zooerastia than this dad needs in his household.  For those of you who live a more libertine lifestyle, there's still a lot not to love.  Am I in the minority for thinking that images of misbehaving tots are not the most desirable things to put front and center in a children's book?  [Especially when the learning lesson is weakly emphasized (as is the case here) or nonexistant?]  Comment below with your answers so I can scribble them down in my journal.                    

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Beth said...

We actually loved books with kids misbehaving. Since I was reading the books with the kids, it didn't matter much whether or not the book condemned the naughtiness, since my expressions and looks did that. And the kids both enjoyed the vicarious rule breaking and the feeling of superiority when they could judge the wrong doer, and they also liked my exaggerated shock and horror at reading about kids like that.

Madeline and the Bad Hat
Where Is My Duckling?
all the If You Give an X a Y books
lots of others.

Erik said...


You are too funny!! I'd love to see a pic of your shocked and disgusted face ;/

Maybe I should run a photo contest next month...

Thanks for your comment,