Mouse's First Day Of School

Call the exterminator.                     

*Buket Erdogan deserves very little blame for this effort, since her illustration is actually quite pleasing to look at 
*Does a good job of referencing objects that are often found in a classroom without going for the most obvious items
*Outside of the scary reality associated with a mouse nibbling on kids' snacks, the food page was a particularly appetizing feast for the eyes     

*Lauren Thompson severely miscalculated with the style she chose for MFDOS -- sound effects followed by a noun doesn't seem like a recipe for disaster, but it was super annoying to read (although I will give her credit for using some adjectives that might broaden your child's vocabulary)  
*It didn't help that the first exposure we have to this style was a car page whose only words were "vrim, vrum, vroom a car" -- you didn't have me at vrim
*The Achilles heel of Erdogan's art: super creepy depictions of grade schoolers

You'll be surprised to find that I want this book Destroyed after reading the next sentence.  My son actually sort of liked it.  But, as a parent, I cannot stand by and let other families take a chance on MFDOS.  Much like that famous line from Billy Madison, everyone in (our household) is dumber for having been exposed to it.  Each page's text has a very good chance of possibly corrupting your son or daughter's speech pattern development for the foreseeable future.  In particular, the lack of conjunctions (specifically the word "and") really bothered me.  All things considered, it's not the worst book ever, but it's bad enough to warrant a trip to detention.                    

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