Sometimes the legend is better than the real thing. 

*If you're looking for a primer on classic movie monsters, you've come to the right place  
*How can you not love the title and the resulting character it spawned
*Author/Illustrator Frank W. Dormer's simplistic approach to the writing is allowable due to the obvious vocabulary limitations of Socksquatch

*I gave Dormer a pass on the text, but with drawings equally as crude, it adds up to a book with a capped upside 
*The whole thing is about finding a sock that fits, right -- so it's ridiculous for the author to have 'Squatch turn down Frank's sock and then be happy with the Damsel's (her feet are half the size of his) 
*Pretty sure Wayne's a werewolf, not positive though (if he is, then he's the worst drawn of all, and if he's not, well, then what the heck is he)

Hey, the title was catchy enough for me to take a chance on it, so kudos to Dormer on that front. Problem is, there's not much left to believe in after you get past the cover.  I think I saw what looked to be a story inside, but, in hindsight, how can I be sure?  I'd show you the images I found to verify my claim, but you'd just tell me how difficult it was to make out what we were looking at.  In the end, it's probably best to let Socksquatch roam in the wilderness, far from human contact..

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