One More Sheep

I refuse to to let Mij Kelly and Russell Ayto pull the wool over your eyes... 

*By far, the best part of this story is the running joke revolving around Sam's inability to count all his sheep without falling asleep  
*I wasn't a huge fan of all the conversational portions of the text -- however, the pages dedicated to pure rhyming had a nice cadence to them
*If you can't get enough of the whole "wolf in sheep's clothing" metaphor, then I suppose this will work out okay for you

*When eleven of the twelve characters in a picture book are rather unlikable, it's kind of hard to view it in an overall positive light (the sheep are ungrateful in their actions and the wolf is unpleasant to look at) 
*It's really hard to make immediate sense of what happens to the wolf at the end 
*There are enough words on the inside cover description to constitute another book -- would have skipped over the entire section if I wasn't writing a review

One More Sheep was shortlisted for a Kate Greenaway Medal (the UK Caldecott).  It did not win, but I suppose being in the top seven has to be worth something, right?  I can't say that I totally agree with this decision, since I'm only lukewarm on the illustrations.  But, hey, I wanted to put it out there as a possible reason why someone might consider purchasing it.  Not that I suggest you do so.  No way.  It's not terrible; but it is definitely one of those books that makes you want to go back to the library a day or two earlier than you would have otherwise just so you can find something better

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