Caliente Y Frio (Hot And Cold)

A children's book, as sung by Katy Perry.  Okay, not really... 

*The phrasing is super repetitive when compared to some other bilingual efforts, but I actually think it might help your kid master the concept of saying when something is hot/cold in their non-native tongue  
*It's tough to mess up pictures of fire, lava, ice cream, etc -- am I right or am I right
*As minor (and obvious) as it may seem, I liked how red and blue fonts were used to differentiate the two extremes

*I would have alternated my hots and colds instead of presenting all of one and then all of the other -- and I would have included some sort of "here's what we learned" concluding page instead of just ending it with a random picture of ice 
*According to the thermometer shown, 80 degrees Fahrenheit is hot (isn't that just about perfect weather) 
*The two images of snow should have been flipped since the kids relegate it to the background of the photo on the left side

All things considered, this was a pretty poor effort on the part of RBB Books.  It screams bare minimum from cover to cover. Moreover, I was shocked to learn it was printed within the last two years, because it has the look of something published when Willard Scott was doing more than wishing really old people a happy birthday.  Still, it is hard to hate anything bilingual, assuming it doesn't commit some egregious sin.  My forecast for Caliente Y Frio predicts a high of around 45 degrees with a 90% chance of freezing rain as time goes on.

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