Big Bad Wolf Is Good

Let's return to the land of nursery rhymes to check in with one of our favorite villains. 

*You have to really botch something to make a book about the ol' Big Bad Wolf suck 
*Lynne Chapman utilizes some sort of textured illustration that almost gives the pictures a 3D feel
*Actually found myself wondering whether BBW was going to make a meal out of the poor duckling, which is to say I was on the edge of my seat for at least ten seconds 

*The wolf's goal escalation from being useful to doing a noble deed was kind of a weak point of differentiation and also happened to feel like it was written into the story after author Simon Puttock decided how the sequence of events was going to play out 
*I'm never that into the resolution coming from dumb luck -- why didn't the writing team make BBW show some sticktoitiveness by creating his own noble deed instead of having one fall into his furry lap 
*As a counterpoint to my third pro above, Puttock got a little to real with the emotion surrounding a baby duck thinking it was going to die

Big Bad Wolf Is Good is aptly named.  Not great, not bad, but somewhere in between.  Now consider that this isn't my first review of a book starring this character.  Tell The Truth, B.B. Wolf might have crossed my path six months ago, but it's still more memorable than what I'm reviewing today.  And since I gave TTTBBW a Borrow, I surely have to start at that level and work my way down.  Not drop it a whole grade, mind you, but definitely toward the lower end of the Borrow range.  Consider keeping the Wolf in your house for a week or so before releasing him back into the wild...    

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