Mouse TV

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the name of a real channel that Comcast/Xfinity offers.  My guess is that it would be somewhere between the Encore Western channel and the Military Channel, both on the dial and in quality... 

*I will always be a sucker for stories within a story -- or, in this particular case, ten stories within a story  
*Your children might walk away learning something super-advanced for their age (like the varying weight of air based on temperature or basic world history)
*Oh, and the message doesn't hurt either -- showing kids how creative you can be sans boob tube is never a bad thing 

*The ending is cute in the way my wife says something is cute: where I can inherently see the validity of her statement but don't totally agree with her (as in, "that outfit is so cute" or "isn't that paint color cute") 
*A bit stereotypical to have the science lover wearing glasses, dont'cha think 
*It's been almost twenty years since it was published, so some more recent events and developments were naturally left out

Just so we don't have anyone misconstrue my introductory paragraph, let me be clear in saying how much I like Mouse TV (the book).  M
att Novak's cat-and-mouse humor is what really makes the whole idea go from good to great.  It all unfolds so perfectly and does so without trying too hard (except for maybe the very end).  So, grab a little cheddar out of your purse and purchase this mouse-terpiece -- you won't be disappointed!!    

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Ali B said...

Hmm - "mouse-terpiece" is it? Okay, I'll add it to my list.

mysteryguy said...

I was quite proud of myself for that one. [Assuming I haven't seen it somewhere else before and just forgot!]