I'm counting on this one to be better than average. 

*Great pix, good variety on the subjects depicted, plus a nice range of colors  
*Goes to ten and then throws in a fun bonus page to boot (although it took me a while to find that eleventh elephant)
*As a man, I think more children's authors should pose the way Lauren Child does for photo spreads :)

*The original working title involves characters named Charlie and I'm going to need someone to explain to me why Carlos was swapped out for the name Juan when the series was translated 
*Speaking of those names, you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to replace the word "Charlie" on a t-shirt for the more than 500 million Spanish speakers in the world 
*I liked how Ms. Child chose an odd numbered page for the socks (always losing them myself), but the background made it sort of confusing, even for native speakers

Okay, so calling this a bilingual book is a total stretch since it is 99% in Spanish.  Oh well, I feel justified in my category choice since it was originally written in English.  
And anyway, I found it useful to have around to satisfy my son's craving for learning Spanish words.  Overall, it's not numero uno, but it's surely not the ultimo libro you would ever want either...    

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