Pete's Potty

It only seemed natural to follow up my review of a butt book with one about potty training... 

*The flaps help take the focus off of the task at hand  
*Doesn't feel the need to inundate you with poop smears or extreme closeups of the inside of the toilet
*Works in the concept of hand washing being an integral part of the process

*Playing potty hide-and-seek makes it more fun and emphasizes (in a roundabout way) where the apparatus should be, but I was left wondering if this style was really the best way to attack the issue 
*Not being a toilet training expert myself, I can only guess that there might be a better way of separating out peeing and pooping to make it easier for kids to wrap their heads around early on 
*Either Pete's pants are magical or the illustrator forgot to include them on the page where he gets down to business

Rating any book in this category will never be an exact science, since the ultimate goal probably won't be achieved from a single reading.  Thus, the only thing I can really do is to tell you whether I think the approach is sound and whether it will get on your nerves.  In this case, the answers are a definitive yes and no, respectively.  That said, it lacks any sort of true originality; consequently, there's nothing really memorable about Pete's Potty.  So where does that leave us?  In my opinion, it's a perfect Borrow, with an option to Buy if you know someone personally who can prove it helped lower diaper costs.  [Since my boy isn't there yet, I'm not that guy.]

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