Chicken Cheeks

A KBR fan reached out to me a few weeks ago and suggested I review this book.  Let's see how it fares:) 

*Unless you've got a stick up your you-know-what, it'll be fun for you to teach your kids a littany of fanny synonyms  
*Illustrator Kevin Hawkes is the real glue that holds it all together -- his pictures force author Michael Ian Black's words to grab a seat on the backburner
*Having a parallel ant escapade that only fully reveals itself at the conclusion made me want to go back and see what I missed

*Even on the first reading, I found myself mentally skipping ahead after the fifth or sixth animal posterior; so I can imagine that by reading number one hundred the schtick might get a tad blase 
*The title is no doubt linked to the plot, but I would have gone with a more macro approach since the chicken is no more a star than the duck-billed platypus 
*One too many attempts at wordplay on the term 'end'

If you assumed this was going to get a Buy, then you'd be making an ass out of u and me.  It's pretty good, BUT it's not the J Lo of butt books.
  Given his sketch comedy background, Black should have been able to put together something funnier.  [Some of you might think it unfair for me to hold an author's past against him, so let me assure you that this was not the deciding factor in my rating decision.]  Borrow it, because spending money on Chicken Cheeks will feel like you are flushing money down the toilet.    

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