Walter The Farting Dog

This story about Walter is kind of a stinker. 

*Farts normally equal comedy gold across all non-snooty demographics  
*Children loving their pets unconditionally is always refreshing to see
*I laughed out loud when the family cheered that the VCR had been saved, mainly because a VCR can be had on eBay for $7.99 right now (granted the book is a little more than a decade old, but I had a DVD player in 1998 so still kinda funny back then)

*Unsupervised visits to dog pounds, depressing lead character, parental threats, criminals, overeating, and anal inspections were enough to make me want to clear the room when I was reading it 
*Creepy, creepy illustrations -- the inanimate objects are colorful and full of vibrance but the living creatures are straight up freaky-deaky 
*When people (or dogs) have rags tied around their oral cavities, I wouldn't call that a heroic look as much as a victimized one

One million copies sold.  Number one on the New York Times bestseller list.  Recommended by a friend.  And, and, and... it is all about farts.  How could this book be bad?  Well, it is.  Maybe I just read it on a bad day or maybe I am losing my love for toilet humor (I'm not).  Honestly, I don't know how you miss the mark when you go all-in on anything pee, poo, burp, or fart related, but William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray did.  Which brings me to my next point:  did they really need two authors to complete such a simple concept?  Were they bouncing ideas off of each other for months, hating each and every one of those ideas, and then just said "'f' it, we'll have Audrey Colman draw gaseous clouds on like twenty pages, put some words near the clouds, and throw in some burglars to give it drama?"  Come to think of it, the more I write about WTFD, the more it feels like a SBD and that I should Destroy their effort.  I probably should, but there is one saving grace.  It is about farts, so kids are gonna at least laugh a little, which will bring you some pleasure.  Consequently, I am giving it a Donate while holding my thumb and index finger firmly against the base of my nose.  [Sorry L.W. for not liking it more :( ]

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Erik said...

Readers: I think this might be my most poorly written review in a while. Apologies. I had to leave my house at 330am for work and feel like I rushed it to finish packing...will do better next time!!!