Marvel Super Hero Squad (Team Spirit)

I guess the good guys can't win every battle... 

*Crams in roughly half the Dolch Sight Words (a reading tool) into one convenient place -- I'm not a huge proponent of educational theories being a primary reason for buying books, but this method seems pretty solid  
*Couldn't ask for much more in the illustration department, especially since it appeals to all age groups
*The message comes through clearly despite an overall mundane writing effort

*I still don't get how three, albeit large, robots can destroy a city or why it would be that hard to find them given at least three of your team members can either fly or swing above the tallest buildings 
*Thing and Storm's takedown of the Sentinel was a bit of a headscratcher -- why doesn't Thing just punch it instead of breaking a statue over it (didn't seem like a fatal blow when compared with, say, Wolverine's wire-shredding tactics) 
*Thor is definitely in the first frame and then disappears completely -- you would think an emergency situation would require all hands on deck

I'm as surprised as you are that this is going to get a Donate from me today.  It would appear from my bullet point analysis above that this particular Super Hero Squad edition contains more positives than negatives.  Given this obvious discrepancy between my mind and my gut, let me assure you that I took an extra moment after editing the above section to reconsider giving it a higher rating.  Yet, no matter how long I stared at the evidence, I could tell that my will was unyielding.  [Does that make me some sort of comic book character?!]  I just can't get past my slight dissatisfaction with the work as a whole.  Looks like I'll have to go get some more superhero titles for the boy to read, much to my wife's chagrin!!!

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