Mother Goose Favorites

In honor of Dick Clark's passing, let's pull some rockin' oldies off the shelf and give them a spin. 

*When you are binding a collection of previously published work, you better be darn sure that the illustrations are top-notch -- in this case Mary Engelbreit more than hits the mark  
*Bobs and weaves like a savvy boxer between the universally familiar classics and less noteworthy idylls to keep everyone's interest level up
*Even though not all of the stories can be pegged to a particular time of day, Engelbreit does a fine job of arranging them in an order that seems to flow from sunrise to bedtime 

*If you're looking for any original writing, you won't find it here 
*My list of Mother Goose favorites would not include that pointless rhyme about the girl with the curl 
*I wasn't aware that Dame Dob patched Jack's nob at the end of his tumble down the hill, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal in most states

There once was a blogger from DC.

Reviewing kid books gave him great glee.
Still, it was hard critiquing authors' works.  
So few thought him funny; most crowned him King of the Jerks.  
Unfazed he pressed on, despite the outcry.  
Always in search of the next perfect Buy.
Weeks would go by without even a sniff.
But today's selection did anything but whiff.    

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