You're Getting A Baby Sister

Shouldn't you be happier?! 

*Unlike so many other "problem" solving books, this one makes a concerted effort of attacking the issue head-on, and manages to avoid coming off too preachy or textbooky  
*How can you not approve of the last two pages, which ask your child to proactively engage in activities that frame the upcoming event in a positive light
*Makes it clear that the annoying antics a little can pull on a big happen in every family 

*There's nothing wrong with Sam Williams' illustrations, but they aren't memorable either 
*Sheila Sweeny Higginson makes an apparently odd choice of words on the first sharing page, causing you to miss a beat to understand it, but once you get to the next page it makes total sense 
*Placing the number five on one of the shirts also causes you to lose focus on the words for half a second (this might be my lamest con ever)

I remember the day my brother was born.  I was so, so excited.  I walked right into class and told everyone in about two seconds flat.  So, if you asked me then, or even asked me twenty years later, if kids are excited to add a sibling to their families, my answer would have been an unconditional yes.  Oh, how little I understood before fatherdom!  You see, I am more than seven years older than my bro, which meant that I had nothing to fear from him.  By the time he developed his personality, I was already closing in on middle school, and, thus, had much bigger things going on in my life than worrying about what he was up to.  Most siblings don't have that kind of age gap and therein lies the birth of the rivalry we all hear about.  I can already sense it drifting like a slow fog over our household.  Up to now, my son hasn't said anything outlandish, but their have been some subtle cues.  Even reading this book surfaced some of them, both when I suggest opening it and when our friend J has flipped through it with him.  Nonetheless, YGABS is an excellent resource for expecting parents and one that I highly recommend Buying even if your kid would suggest otherwise!

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